Sneak It In

Updated on : 10-02-2012 |

Running time : 25:02 min

Actors : Brittany Amber, Brec Boyd


Brec Boyd has seen all the local girls, and knows what is available, so when he sees Brittany Amber hanging out at his local watering hole, he realizes this is a rare opportunity, and as such, there is no way he's letting her out of his sight. After a few beverages it becomes obvious that the two are attracted, so Boyd finds them a nice quiet place for some quality alone time. Unfortunately, that place is in a men's room stall, and Brittany is initially less than thrilled to be there. Sensing her nervousness, Brec tries to ease her off of her concerns while simultaneously trying to coax her out of her dress, and it appears as though he's succeeded at both. She takes one look at Brec's growing cock and decides to pounce on the offer, gagging deep on his shaft before grinding it in a vigorous ride, before Brec turns her over, and standing while bending her over, he pumps her from behind until he can contain himself no longer, so he blasts her chest as she strokes him to a frenzy. Enjoy!

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